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GPS in my nv2500 commercial vehicle

The chip in my navigation keeps telling me to go on parkways in new York I need the commercial gps chip for navigation that should have came with the vehicle


Debit Card

Why did your automated system force me to make a payment as a credit card instead of my normal debit card payment? Thereby causing me to incur a $12 fee as opposed to my usual debit card fee of $5?


2014 Juke

On a long trip the car decelerated and had to be pulled to the side of the road. No check engine light or anything.

Let set for few minutes and restarted and drive fine for a couple of hours. Decelerated again. Gas pedal down but wouldn’t work.

After setting awhile it drove fine. Dealers can’t find anything.


My nissan rogue 2017

Of late, when I try to start my car with the inteligent key with me, I get a warning ( incorrect key ID ) It will start after several attempts, what fo I have to do


2008 Xterra air bad light on

My airbag warning light is on. I had it scanned and it indicated sensor in front of truck.

Was there a recall front sensor?


why isnt there a glove box light in a 2017.5 rogue sl


Code U1000

I have a 2004 Nissan Murano I got a code of U1000, SUV won't start at all. Where is the ground wires located so I can try to fix it? I have no way nor do I have the money to take it to dealership


I want to order an owner manual

I purchased a 2014 Nissan Mureno but there was no owner manual.


Purchased a car in February, 2017. Who do I talk to about an issue about my contract

Call to see if I had roadside assistance at local dealership where I bought my car...I was told that I didn't have roadside but I did have an extended warranty. i did not ask for an extended warranty when purchasing this car but I did asked for GAP insurance.

Who do I talk to about this. I dealt with your financial person before at another dealership and was not please then and I'm definitely not pleased now.

Who do I complain to about this. Very Upset!


I need to cancel my Warranty Security Plus Contract 08039064

I have a new address: 5916 W 34th Street, Suite K Houston, TX 77092 Marsha J Matthews 832-244-1035 I have been holding forever.


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