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I purchased a 2013 used altima w/55k miles on it. Ran fine for 2 years however 20k miles later the transmission is starting to go.

I guess ill try to dump it to a dealer before it fails completely, but better than paying $4k for a transmission in a car worth $8k, right? Kind of not in my nature to give someone else my problems, but better them than me (purely a business decision). I guess putting a faulty vehicle back into circulation is done all the time so shouldn't be a real problem. Guess it would only become a "real" issue IF another family with little ones would buy it & perhaps pays the ultimate price because the car stalls or decelerates going thru an intersection or on the highway.

Its unfortunate the cvt issues haven't been resolved or backed up again like Nissan did in the past by extending the tranny warranty. Worse yet I fear for those family's that will be put in a situation as this & pray for the souls of those Nissan executives. As an mech. engineer myself, i couldn't imagine being responsible for someones untimely demise based on my engineering , production, or business decision.

Shame Nissan & Jatco not taking full responsibility to do the right thing, but then again GM lived on thru killing a bunch a people. What a wonderful world!

Guess God will sort em out. Anyway, since I don't think much will come of this, I'll just trade it in, perhaps for a Toyota.

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