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Had Xterra serviced under extended service contract. They changed tie rod end under warranty and 50 dollar deductable. Told they will not cover ALignment charges.

Will never buy a nissan again. They are saying that they will replace parts but not cover cost to realign. Total BS. Nissan regional rep and supervisior never call you back. You have to keep calling them to get an answer. Server level at it not to best.

I would love for the NISSAN CEO to see this and read of the folks that work for Nissan. Complain with Nissan consumer affairs is 5871002.

Never again.. WIll never buy a nissan.

Monetary Loss: $69.

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Don't service contracts typically tell you what is covered, not what is not covered? Read carefully before signing.

Anyway, if you get in a collision, do you expect the dealer to repair the damage, because it's under warranty?


For Jim, Dave and Manny.. You guys need to grow up.. Jim as a service mananger, for your information, the service contract says nothing about not covering allignment charges. That was the first thing i read before contacting the regional rep who never called back.

Manny, we can drive over ***, but not the issue here. You fix my car under warranty, covers the parts but refuses to allign. Thats like saying you will fix my transmission but guess what you go add your own fluid.

Dave, you should have said did you read your contract.

By the way, guess who loss out on two car sales -------- nissan.


I bought an 05 Frontier new and soon after I bought it, the tires began to wear unevenly. I took it to the dealer and they aligned it and rotated the tires.

It was not long, they began to wear unevenly again. I took it back and realigned it and rotated the tires.

Yes, you know what happened. I took it to my regular mechanic shop and he realigned it and that has been about three years ago.


I agree with the other comments. You drive over *** and need an alignment and that's the car manufacturer's fault? Did you ask them to refill your gas tank cause it went empty too?


i am a nissan service advisor, i was an advisor for lexus and chrysler also. all extended svc contracts are different and it is the consumer's (your) responsibility to read and understand what you are purchasing before you buy.

The car dealership and manufacturer have done nothing wrong to you. the only fault is yours for being too lazy to read the contract before you bought.

give me a break! I wish there was a website to complain about the ignorant and self-absorbed customers.

Ruse, Ruse, Bulgaria #22205

Maybe you should have read your warranty contract a little closer....

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