I bought a 2009 Nissan Murano in July, 2009. I was sold a 3-rd party extended warranty for $1,700.

The selling point was that if I did not use it, I would get a full refund. Also, every other service was free at that dealer (usually only oil changes, but I appreciated it). Suddenly, about 4 months ago, they went out of business. Nissan USA, as well as other dealerships will not honor the refund for the $1,700.

I would have expected that Nissan USA would stand by their customers and offer something to help. They could not care less. Too bad, I was about to trade in my Murano for a new Pathfinder. Nissan just lost my business.


Monetary Loss: $1700.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #796300

I purchased a warranty and i was told if i dint use it ,i would get money back once i paid it. Off my car, i paid off my car and now they tell me that, my warranty expired on the 8Th of march wich is the date of purchase but my last paiment is not due till march 22/14.

Ive paid it befor last payment date ,,,,so now im screwed because im not. Getting nothing back.

Corparate explained something diferent than the dealer....ill be dam if i ever purchase a car with nissan again liers , theifs fu#%@%%## nissan. Maybe nissa shuld use the money they still from custermers to train their sales people better because they train them to lie so to me nissa sucks and ill make shure hat i warrn people befor buying a car at nissan

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #757247

IF YOU PURCHASED A NISSAN EXTENDED WARRANT IT IS GOOD AT ANY NISSAN DEALER ACROSS THE COUNTRY. I SUSPECT THEY SOLD YOU AN AFTERMARKET WARRANTY. I think the dealer you purchased it from to tell you that you would get money back if you didnt use it but it should be god at other services places

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