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I have a 2010 Nissan Altima and, last week, while pulling into a parking space at work, as I took my foot off the brake, the car surged forward as if I had floored the gas pedal. My foot never touched the gas pedal nor was the car mat lodged underneath it.

The car hit a stone wall, but fortunately there was nobody walking in front of the car at the time, or they probably would have been killed. Surprisingly, the damage to my car was minor because there was a hedge in front of the wall, but I was certainly shaken. My Nissan garage says that they will make some "adjustments" on the car but they can't guarantee that it won't happen again??????

What kind of service is that? I am now worried about driving this vehicle and not sure what type of recourse I have because it is a lease.

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Newville, Pennsylvania, United States #1187732

OMG... My 2008 Altima just did this yesterday..

I too was pulling into a parking spot and when I put on the brake it accelerated up over the curb and ran into a row of shrubbery...

I just missed a friends car and a light post. Scared the tar out of me and I had front end damage with tire problems too...

New York, New York, United States #1076049

My 2006 Quest engine roared while I had my foot on the brake backing into a parking space. It's done this a few other times. The mechanic couldn't find anything wrong with it.


My 2010 nissan versa did the sudden accelerate trick a few times dealer is clueless piece of potentially deadly garbage


I had the same experience three times now, luckily no accidents. On braking, car suddenly accelerated on its own, I pushed stick out of gear to neutral.

Car accelerated to 4000 RPMs with no foot on gas, only stopped when I revved engine. Car is 2010 Altima, definitely an issue, I was lucky to have very quick reflexes, have to go to Nissan.


On October 4, 2011 the same thing happened to my 2007 Altima while pulling into parking space in garage at work and I was saved because I hit a cable wall and it was like a sling shot. The front bumper got stuck in the cable when it flew back.

If the cable would have given out I would have landed on a bunch of cars on the lower level. Nissan sent a Rep to check the codes and said they found nothing wrong. I refused to drive it after that.

Got it fixed and sold it.($7200 worth of damage) The car had revved and there was no time to respond before hitting the cables.

Nissan offered no help. A tow truck driver said that this is a known problem with Altimas and they refuse to acknowledge it.

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