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I was buying a new car and returning a Nissan Sentra off of a lease a month early. I was returning my car early off lease early so that I could take early delivery of my new car. My salesman brought over the lease guy and they both looked over my Sentra and they both said that it looked great and that I should not receive any hits for the condition that it is in.

I leased the car for 39 months and was giving it back to them a month early and I paid extra for 49,000 miles on the lease. I returned the car with only 46,000 miles on it.

Bottom line they hit me for $744. A few scratches which I can agree with. But the part that really bothers me is that they are charging me for 4 brand new tires. They are saying that it is excessive wear to drive a set of tires 46,000 miles, even though I paid to drive them 49000 miles. They are getting 4 new tires on a returned lease.

I paid extra to drive the car 49000 miles. At the end of the lease they expect the tread to be like new and expect me to pay for it. I think that is very unreasonable. I will never deal with another Nissan dealer again, either purchase or lease.


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Last Nissan in our family.Returned lease with 34K miles on a 36K mile lease agreement.

Charged an excess wear and tear fee and disposition fee.Leased a few Lexus’s in the past, pulled in to the dealer dropped off my lease and never heard from them again.

Westlake, Ohio, United States #1310080

I hate Infiniti, same *** with their leasing practices, traded in my Lexus and ended up side down in this *** Infiniti lease, the guy fixed me real good! Never again, last Nissan in our family!!


You are already lucky.

Dealerships outright refused to take the vehicle back with the same excuses: out of space.

I called 1-800-778-4211, which is the "Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation", who tried very hard to make me believe that they are working on it and of courses they did not help. Managers involved include Cassie Jackson, Kimberly K.

(Kimberly refused to give out her last name.) Kimberly K.indicated that it is my responsibility to locate a dealership that would take back the vehicle.

to Anonymous customer Brooklyn, New York, United States #1351757

well it is a small world Kimberly told me the same thing i will sue them soon car sucks need fixing all the time and car is only 8 months old on a lease

Smyrna, Georgia, United States #1276700

If Nissan did anything wrong here, it was poorly explaining the responsibilities of maintaining the vehicle and paying for repairs during and at end of lease.It's clearly written on the Nissan lease contract that a vehicle must be returned with specific tire tread, usually 1/4th tread remaining.

Being a new car with new car tires, it is not at all surprising that the tires needed to be replaced at 40k miles. Unfortunately this customer was under the impression that his contract entitled him to tires that would last him 45,000 miles.

Instead, the contract states that if the customer's tires do not meet minimum tread standards, as well as the vehicle meeting condition standards, the customer may be charged at lease end to cover these reconditioning costs.Maybe has this been better explained to him at the time he leased the vehicle or by the leasing company that billed him for the damages, he might have been more satisfied with this normal lease contract term.

Weston, Massachusetts, United States #1224744

Agreed, I turned my lease in with 9500 miles under the committed mileage and they still wanted to hit me with a "Disposition Fee" when i called to argue that the car was in exce;;ent condition upon the return they stated the fee was for transportation to the aution.......Why is that MY problem. I was told i could return the car anywhere.

Also will not consider another Nissan, ever!!

to Anonymous Smyrna, Georgia, United States #1276702

A disposition is a very common fee on a lease.In fact, it's included in every lease whether billed at lease end or paid upfront in the initial leasing costs.

It's designed to cover the lease-end process which generally consists of the Lessor hiring a 3rd-party inspection company to perform a non-bias inspection of the vehicle and to cover transportation costs to move the vehicle from the place it was returned to an auction or other landing place. Some leasing companies charge this fee to all customers as an upfront fee and most people don't even realize they are paying it. Most leasing companies make it a lease-end fee as this is a more fair way of handling this and it allows them an opportunity to offer a loyalty waiver by returning to a new lease/purchase of the same brand.

Generally speaking the disposition fee applies only when you return the vehicle to the leasing company.

So if you were to instead buy the vehicle at lease end or trade it in to a dealership where the dealership is taking ownership of the vehicle than the inspection process and transportation process is not necessary, thus no fee. Leasing companies that charge this fee upfront are unfairly charging everyone a fee whether they return the car at lease end or not. Companies that charge at lease-end do so with the intention of giving the customer the most flexibility and charging a fair fee based on the cost of the proposed transaction whether it be return, purchase, lease extension or trade-in to a dealer.

Not using all of your miles may award you one benefit.

It may mean that your vehicle's value is higher than the anticipated pre-set residual value. You should always check this at lease end and see if there is a value or equity position in which it might be worth trading your vehicle in to a dealership instead of simply giving it back to the leasing company.

However, the mileage and condition of the car have absolutely nothing to do with the disposition fee.When it comes to Nissan lease contracts, the disposition fee is $395 and is clearly stated on the front page of the contract.

South Amboy, New Jersey, United States #1221139

This is standard procedure for all leased vehicles Regardless of your mileage or whatever mileage you paid for, you cannot return a car with tires with less than 4/32 of wear.

Santa Clara, California, United States #1200395

Yes, small dings cost few hundred bucks under the name "Excess use", and then there is tax on excess use.This is simply ridiculous.

My gross liability while returning a Nissan Leaf after using it for 3 years is $1047.90 which is more than 3 months leasing money. i.e.

almost 10% of the total leasing cost.Never leasing or buying another Nissan.


Wow thats crazy that you dont think you should have to pay a disposition fee, didnt you read your lease docs?.Do you really expect to return the car w bald tires and not be charged for it?

when you rent a car with a full tank of gas and return it with half do you also not expect to pay for that?

I lease all my cars and love the deals, its still incredible to me that i lease a car for less than my neighbor pays for cable t.v.Enjoy your low payment and the fact that you drive a new car every 3 years.

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