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Anita Barton Smith

I am here to report that Nissan does not value a 30-year customer. After having 3 Maxima's, 2 Altima's, and the current Murano, I asked for assistance from Nissan Corporate with a broken seat track on the driver's side, and they refused to help me out with the more than $1,300 cost of replacing the track. It seems because of "the age of the vehicle." Nevermind that the vehicle - a 2006, and has only 42,000 miles. In all those previous years, I never had problems. The only repair I had was on the very first 1984 Maxima where I had to replace the alternater - and it was at least 3-4 years old at the time. I am attempting to decide which American-made car I will now purchase. The Murano was probably going to be the last car I would drive, as I am a widowed senior citizen. Nissan can just *** ME!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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All car companies are like this, not just Nissan.

Abingdon, Virginia, United States #696125

Having a similar experience with Nissan at the moment and they are offering no assistance whatsoever. My last 4 vehicles have been Nissan's but I am done with them due to my experience with them this week. ,)


Buy KIA. :) :) :)

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