in 2005 i purchased a nisson murano. after a month or less while driving in the sun i noticed the windshield had many scratches, checking the body it did to.

one member of dealership said it was unusual and a probable preowner, me, problem; boss quickly dismissed problem as road problem, less than 2K. so upset went to tennesse, refused admission to nisson offices. live with it, windshield wippers off count full arm replaced, broke within week, again not their fault, same problem they said needed full replacement adjusted by me bending wiper back.

car with 34k, looks like 1990 or less. now went for scheduled check up oil changed only, light remains on check engine soon, what the ***....nisson of salem...husband and family frequented toyota and honda of salem, now, commonwealth and nashua dealerships used...tired of double talk and being ripped off....

Monetary Loss: $12.

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