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I bought a new Nissan over a year ago. The Finance Manager told me I needed a warranty because it provides 'gap' coverage that the basic manufacturers warranty does not.

Examples included a rental car for repairs and additional coverage beginning year 2. Guess what happened when I took my car for a brake repair (to a 9 month old car?) The service technician told me that I was lied to, he sees it all the time, and to cancel the warranty. It won't kick in until manufacturers warranty expires. Can't cancel by phone- have to go in and request a cancellation form from the VERY PERSON THAT SOLD ME THIS USELESS WARRANTY!

I got the runaround and was told they don't have the form, call Nissan, etc... I called Nissan who said I had to go back because they only accept cancellations by mail and it takes two months to process... It's a lie and a scam. I want my warranty cancelled ASAP and the cost refunded from my financed payment amount.

Any ideas on how to get this accomplished? They are not BBB members, their grade with the Houston BBB is F, they have many unresolved complaints, they just don't seem to care.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Galveston, Texas, United States #691279

Unfortunately, contacting Nissan Motors Customer Relations is very problematic because their main function is to the support their franchise dealers, regardless if they are unethical in their business dealings. A simple way to get the matter resolved is to get three estimates for the repairs you require.

Than go to your local justice of the peace court *small claims and sue both David McDavid Nissan and Nissan Motors Corporation for three times the amount of your highest estimate. About a week before your court date, one of their paralegals will call you up and take care of your repairs for you. If you do end up in court, know that an automobile dealer is about as welcome in front of a judge or jury as a *** showing up to a family reunion. :cry Finally, while your waiting for their paralegal to call you, make sure you file a nice little deceptive trade complaint with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Dealer Enforcement Division, Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Protection Bureau and the Texas Attorney General.

Now I know you probably saying to yourself, why should I invest a filing fee for small claims court (35-70 dollars depending on what county you live in) when you may not win. Please take the advise of a former car dealer now turned to preaching about God, no matter how much a dealer laughs at you telling them you are going to take them to court, there is nothing that will get a dealer acting right again than having them served with a law suit. Additionally, when you heap more burning coals on their head with government entities, doing the right thing becomes their only option.

Good luck and God bless you. Pastor Bill :)

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