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Monetary Loss $45000

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-I purchased/picked up a brand new 2013 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum on Friday, 02/22/2013 at about 8:30pm, thinking that it should be the best car for me and my family. On Saturday, 02/23/2013 at about 7:00pm the navigation monitor black-out. Meaning, all infotainment, entertainment, GPS, and many other computer controls are all non-operational.

-I immediately drove the car to the dealer to have it looked at. Since their service department is closed on the weekends, they told me to wait until Monday, 02/25/13 for an inspection. After dropping the car off at the service department, I was told that I should have the car by Wednesday, 02/27/2013. I called today, 02/27/2013 and of course I still can't pick it up. They claimed that Nissan sent them the wrong parts to fix the monitor. I now have to some how wait another week before I can have my car back.

-I'm now very doubtful to continue to drive this car. Who knows what other problems will rise next. I even called up Nissan Consumer Affairs and they are helpless. My only reply was I must wait for the dealers delivery.

-Nissan corporate just don't care for their consumers. How can they sell anyone a $45,000 defective product that only work for less than 24hrs. I'm now without a car to drive for 3 days and another week in pending, or possibly longer. I can't even be confidence to drive this car in the future. I'M SCREWED by NISSAN


Monetary Loss: $4500.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #779006

Jeep catches fire. Your problem goes to assemby lines where americans assembling nissan want to sabotage there is a pending case of concern involving pathfinder currently.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #615855

If you can't feel confident in driving a car that has a defective stereo in it, your problems can't be fixed on a consumer advocacy website. All they need to do is replace the GPS, it has a bad LCD. I've owned two Nissans and had problems with both local service and sales, but their cars are top notch.


Poor baby - are you really out $45,000? Typically the dealership will offer a replacement vehicle while they are fixing yours, if they don't they aren't worth the time.

You never stated they did, didn't or did you even ask to be compensated? There are plenty of people out of work that find the means to get around.

Would you like some cheese with that whine? 8)

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #615839

i feel for you. i purchased a new vehicle with 10 miles on it and it came off the line defective and had a really hard time getting the chevrolet company to fix it.

my car leaked and it ran into my electrical system and flooded my floors and would continuously cut off where ever i was. i called the better business bureau and the consumer law office and talked to them. they had to fix it and replace all carpets before i would sign off but the down side was they stopped the leak with gorilla glue!!!!! the car companies are too large to fight and the dealer will push you off to them.

apparently no one in the comments that think it's *** have purchased a vehicle for a large amount and got screwed or they would be pissed also. i would't buy a defective tonka truck for $25 so why a defective vehicle for $45?

Irvine, California, United States #615825

This stuff happens. Instead of getting worked up over it you should have found a solution to the problem, like asking for a rental.

Did you ask for one? Did they give you one?

If you didn't, then stop ranting here and go talk to them. If they didn't, then start calling corporate and making complaints.

to MikeyWikey Edison, New Jersey, United States #671358

They wont do it. They wont give you anything and their billing system is ridiculous and pricey.

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #615812

You're being a little dramatic. They are fixing it for you - and I assume, they've provided a loaner in the meantime.

(if not, then yes, be mad.) The car runs so it is not defective. Rididulous things like this happen all the time.

And yes, sometimes it will happen to you. If it hadn't - you'd be perplexed at how anyone could be so outraged over an incident like this.

to Anonymous Augusta, Georgia, United States #615819

I am sorry but if my product broke a day after ownership I would be mad as well. We should have some expectation and confidence in the products we buy.

I do feel that the lack of concern being displayed by the dealer and maker (Nissan), it's the other guys fault, would prompt me as a CSM for a major appliance manufacture to ensure that not only did the part arrive but a huge bonfire was lit under the dealership to have the issue corrected ASAP if not sooner.

I drive a Nissan and I can tell you I love the SUV, but this will and should steer me away. Sometimes its not about the issue but at the LACK of response to the issue that should warn the consumer.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #615698

This is actually a silly post. I bet if you polled the last 1,000 Pathfinder buyers, your vehicle will be the only one with a bad monitor.

This stuff happens and it sounds like Nissan is taking care of it. Implying that you have concerns about the car overall based on one vehicle issue is also silly. My uncle bought a Sony TV 5 years ago and it broke two days later so I guess no one should ever buy any TV made by Sony.

And also now that I am remembering it, my sister bought a Coach handbag and the zipper broke a day later so let's make sure no one ever buys a Coach handbag ever again, after all how can we trust them after that zipper broke!

New York City, New York, United States #615691

Sorry, accidently hit ***. I'm gonna reconsider my upcoming purchase., please remove 1 *** and add 1 useful.

to kendog Emporia, Virginia, United States #615813

I also accidentally hit ***. I actually think the post is useful.

The dealer should have given this customer a free rental or sales car to drive for those 3 days... and should offer him a free extended warranty to gain his confidence.


You idiots need to buy AMERICAN!!!!! You got what you deserve! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

to Anonymous Augusta, Georgia, United States #615824

WOW you know of an automobile that is American made today? Which brand would that be?

Lift the hood and tell me where your parts arrived from "***" and then come in here and tell us what to do.

As consumer's it is our responsibility to research our product before buying. It appears to me the consumer above did his research, and from that had an expectation that a Major automobile dealer, whether selling "American" or supposed Foreign makes WOULD advocate for their consumers and STAND behind their products, esp if less then 3 days in ownership.

to Anonymous Augusta, Georgia, United States #615826

beu5200 - call Nissan and ask for the CEO, let them know you will wait on the phone for him. Your hope will be to raise to a VP or Directer of Operations at the call center. Go online to and write and email to the CEO.

GO back to the dealership and let them know you want the unit switched out for a brand new one as that is what you signed for on the dotted line. If they refuse call a lawyer as most contracts have a buyers remorse clause allowing five days into ownership. Not to mention NY has lemon laws based on dollar value of repair. Arm yourself before speaking with them. Know your rights as a buyer.

Props for coming here first cause this will get their attention.

Come on Nissan make this consumer whole it is a brand new PURCHASE and a lot of us are READING as it LINKED to FACEBOOK!

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